Recruiting the right people is an organization's most important job

Let us assist you in making better decisions.

We Believe that the place where people spend most of their waking hours should be a place in which they thrive.

We Know data-driven people decisions beat instinct every time.

We Feel a strong sense of mission in enabling organizations and people to accurately choose each other.

We Aspire to make recruiting KPI based.

Our Story

Gal is a former member of the armed forces elite unit. In his reserve duty, he serves as an evaluator in the Special Forces preparatory training. Empirical was born when he found out that his and other evaluators’ scores are continually being compared and validated against drafted Special Forces’ actual performance data, such as retention, training completions and promotions.

Shiran is an organizational psychologist specializing in the development of data-driven selection systems. Through her professional life, she has seen many recruiting processes that failed to be of value because they relied heavily on intuition. Through practices of structuring, standardizing and validating selection processes, she has assisted many organizations to become more productive and position HR as a real strategic business partner.

Revolutionize your hiring process with science.

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