Master the Science of Hiring

Empirical applies data science and machine-learning algorithms to help you hire people who perform well and stay longer.

Why Empirical?

Global Reach

Empirical platform is being utilized in 59 countries and translated to 19 languages.

Hire Fast, Accurate and Fair With Empirical.

Empirical provides a revolutionary recruiting platform that helps you hire the right people, powered by science.

Our Predictive hiring technology analyzes recruiting data and actual employee performance to constantly improve the hiring process, creating an ever learning recruiting process.

How it works?

Hire better people,
with confidence.

Find the top performers

Our machine-learning algorithms assist you in hiring the most successful candidates by identifying the dominant traits of your best sales and service reps.

Keep people around longer

Custom pre-hiring assessments determine which applicants resemble your veteran employees and thus most likely to stay.

Save time and resources

Don't waste time sifting through irrelevant CVs. Our smart technology filters the top talent, helping you make better hiring decisions in less time.

Great companies use Empirical

Optimize your hiring process with Empirical.

Make performance-driven decisions

We integrate your data with our science to create a custom predictive model that outperforms traditional assessment methods.

Eliminate hiring bias

Our assessment methods focus solely on job performance, creating a level playing field for all applicants.

Reduce turnover

Understand which qualities lead to higher retention and use that data to identify people who will stay the longest.

Increase productivity

Build a high performing team with insights from our machine-learning algorithms, tapping your most qualified applicants.

Improve as you go

Unlike other recruiting tools, our AI-powered system adjusts and improves as we collect more performance data, strengthening it's predictive power.

Enchance applicant experience

Candidates rate their experience in the top 15% due to our short and powerful pre-hiring assessment.

Revolutionize your hiring process with science.

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